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Panagiotis Kontopoulos

ESN HARO, YouTuber

Mr. Panagiotis is a PhD. Candidate and Research Associate in Informatics and Telecommunications. Also, he has been a member of ESN HARO since 2017. His main interests are, apart from his studies, traveling, finding new experiences and gaining knowledge when possible. The main reasons why he joined ESN were to advance the aforementioned interests but also find out how it feels to be a part of a group which provides help to others. Moreover, the opportunities gained from ESN gave him new perspectives about the world we live in. The rush you get from creating something new and making your vision a reality, is intriguing for Panagiotis and can be seen by his involvement in ESN, where challenges are tackled and new things created very often. He is still an active member not only at the local level but also at the National level of ESN Greece providing help through the position of Data Protection Officer.